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Company Profile

An ISO9000 and CE approved manufacturer since 1981.

HICO Valve has been serving and manufacturing high quality valves to around the world since 1981. We are trusted by clients in Europe, North America, China, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan to produce valves that are highly dependable and economical.

We are also the appointed OEM manufacturer for major valve distributors in Europe. With over 30 years of experience in delivering quality products but also cost-saving alternatives, you can ensure we are equipped to fulfill your every request. 

As a family owned business, customer service is our top priority and delivering top quality products are our upmost value. So not only are our products relied on from around the world, we are proud of our long-standing clients that abide in us. It is our goal to put our customers first, so we look forward to conquering your challenges and becoming your best valve partner.


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